Hurricane Harvey

The weather associated with Hurricane Harvey has severely impacted the Galveston County Community. Updates and news were available here throughout the storm. Information still relevant will remain posted.

News Updates

Homeless Resources

Here are some resources for you in dealing with displacement because of Hurricane Harvey.

Homeless Houston website

Texas Homeless Education resources website

Texas Homeless Education crisis/trauma website

Make Up Days

The Commissioner of Education has authorized waiver days for time out of school because of Hurricane Harvey. TCISD was granted the waiver days and it will not be necessary to add additional days to the school calendar.


Any student displaced by hurricane/flooding is not required to provide specific documents for enrollment.

School Damages

As of August 30, 2017

The Texas City Independent School District suffered damage at every school location from weather associated with Hurricane Harvey. The La Marque campuses suffered the most damage with flooding roof leaks at each of the four schools. Some power in some areas at the La Marque schools is still not back. Texas City campuses all had at least one roof leak and some water at Blocker Middle School. The TCISD Maintenance Department has already been working on fixing some of those issues.

The worst of the damage took place at La Marque Primary School, La Marque Elementary School, La Marque Middle School and La Marque High School. The primary building was completely flooded with 3 inches of water. The elementary school had water in hallways and cafeteria and the campus has no power. The middle school had 1 to 2 inches of water in some areas. Hallways, the kitchen, library and classrooms adjacent to the courtyard all had water. The middle school has partial power right now. The high school had roof leaks in some areas but because of roof leaks in the Commons, that area was covered with water.

Crews will be working hard this week to make repairs. In addition, contractors will have to complete the more extensive damage. Class is set to resume on September 11. Damage will continue to be assessed as more rain is expected.

“Right now, the most important thing is the safety of our students and staff and all of their families,” said Superintendent Dr. Rodney Cavness. “We know that many in our TCISD family have been impacted by the flooding. Our thoughts and prayers are with each one. Please stay safe and do not put yourself in any danger.”

School Relocations

Due to flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, three La Marque schools are being temporarily relocated while damage is being repaired. The repairs at the La Marque primary, elementary and middle schools are not quick and easy restorations. Therefore, in order for school to resume this month, classrooms are going to have to be relocated.

A parent information meeting will be held on Thursday, Sept. 7 at 6 p.m. in the auditorium at La Marque High School. Any and all TCISD parents are welcome to attend to hear about the relocation of classrooms and transportation changes.

“We know that relocating classrooms is going to be a hardship for families and teachers,” said TCISD Superintendent Dr. Rodney Cavness. “However, we are working really hard so that students can be in school with their academic needs taken care of. This is not an easy fix but we are doing our best with what we have to take care of our students and staff.”

We do not have an estimated date from the contractors when repairs are done. “On initial view, we thought we could have all schools up and running by September 11,” said Dr. Cavness. “But as anyone knows who has experienced renovations and repairs, sometimes you find deeper issues once you start uncovering damage.”

The District does anticipate it to be a temporary relocation and all students will return to their home campus as soon as restoration is completed.

More than 1,600 students from La Marque Primary, La Marque Elementary and La Marque Middle School will be moved. Besides the change of location, Texas City ISD is going to keep school as normal as we can for the students. Therefore, all La Marque students will have their same teachers and classmates they had the first week of school.

Details from the meeting will be posted on the TCISD website for anyone who is not able to attend the meeting. This meeting is open to any Texas City ISD parent. Relocated classrooms will be at La Marque High School, Calvin Vincent Early Childhood Center, Guajardo Elementary, Heights Elementary, Kohfeldt Elementary and Roosevelt-Wilson Elementary

"Students being displaced is tough enough so it's important we keep their class together," said Melissa Tortorici, Director of Communications. "Each student will remain with their teachers and have their own classrooms and space. We will not be disbanding student groups. La Marque students will continue to be taught by their teachers they started the year off with."

This relocation is temporary until we are able to get back into the home campuses. We appreciate everyone working together to create a nice learning environment for our students.
  • All La Marque Pre-K will attend Calvin Vincent, 1805 13th Avenue N.
  • All La Marque Kindergarten will attend Heights, 300 25th Street N.
  • All La Marque 1st Grade will attend Heights, 300 25th Street N.
  • La Marque Life Skills/SLC (Pilkinton's class) will attend Heights, 300 25th Street N.
  • All La Marque 2nd Grade will attend Guajardo, 2300 21st Street N.
  • La Marque's Douglas, Gary, Hudson, McClure and Tate's 3rd Grade classes of will attend Guajardo, 2300 21st Street N.
  • La Marque's Harris, Sherwood and Springston's 3rd Grade classes will attend Roosevelt-Wilson, 301 16th Avenue N.
  • La Marque's Burke, Holmes, Peace, Shields and Simpson's 4th Grade classes will attend Roosevelt-Wilson, 301 16th Avenue N.
  • La Marque's Chavis, Elliott, Freeman, Oliver and Sanchez's 4th Grade classes will attend Kohfeldt, 1705 13th Avenue N.
  • La Marque's Life Skills/SLC (Cimrhanzel's class) will attend Roosevelt-Wilson, 301 16th Avenue N.
  • La Marque's AIM (McGinty-Grimes' class) will attend Levi Fry, 300 25th Avenue N.
  • All LMMS will attend LMHS, 397 Duroux

La Marque Primary and La Marque Elementary students have new hours while at the temporary location in consideration of bus transportation and to relieve morning and afternoon traffic at the school. New hours for La Marque Pre-K through 4th Grade ONLY is 7:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

La Marque Middle School will use the Duroux entry while La Marque High School will continue to use the Vauthier entry.