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Safety & Security Projects

Voters approved the bond, which included $6.5 million for safety and security.

The following Safety & Security projects were completed through funds generated from the 2018 Bond.

  • Full scale integrated access control system for doors 
  • Full scale camera integration with access control 
  • Reinforced locks on all classroom doors 
  • Emergency operations plans in every classroom with digital emergency operations plans via a mobile application
  • Social media and threat management monitoring 
  • Anonymous reporting application for students, staff, parents and community (P3 Campus)
  • Threat Assessment Mitigation training for all staff in accordance with the National Threat Assessment Center
  • Statistical reporting of incidents 
  • Mass notification system deployment 
  • Facial recognition system for threat and criminal threat mitigation 
  • Increased lighting district wide, including implementation of LED lights
  • Installation of new fencing in previously open areas at Blocker Middle School with access control
  • First school district to have FirstNet priority communication and pre-emption for district-wide communications
  • Ballistic panels in classrooms at newly constructed schools
  • District-wide emergency management platform and visitor management platform for sex offenders 
  • 3M/14MM security film installed on all secure entry vestibules
  • Installed and redesigned security entry vestibules with push button access controls district wide
  • Access control systems for front entry doors with intercom and video to view and hear the public at the door
  • Two K9 deputies specializing in narcotics and black powder designation 
  • Standardized burglary systems district wide with annual maintenance and inspections
  • Standardized fire suppression systems district wide with annual maintenance and inspections
  • Purchase and distribute 1,400 tourniquets to all staff following Stop the Bleed training
  • Condensed district-wide key system 

complete listing of expensesPDF download is available for Safety & Security Bond Projects.