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Welcome to TCISD Talks, the podcast where we dive deep into the heart of Texas City ISD. Join us as we explore the incredible stories, ideas, and initiatives that shape our schools.

Each episode brings you engaging conversations with passionate educators, and dedicated students in our district. Together, we'll uncover the innovative teaching methods, inspiring success stories, and transformative initiatives that make TCISD a remarkable place for learning and growth.

From inside the classrooms to beyond the school walls, TCISD Talks is your window into Texas City ISD. We'll discuss a wide range of topics, including tips and tricks for students and parents, curriculum, student achievements, district programs, initiatives and events, as well as the challenges and triumphs of our students and staff.

Through these candid and thought-provoking conversations, we aim to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for TCISD’s mission and values. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the achievements, tackle the issues, and explore the bright future that lies ahead for our students, teachers, and the entire TCISD community.

So grab a cup of coffee, put on your headphones, and get ready to be inspired, informed, and engaged. TCISD Talks is here to bring you the stories that matter, the conversations that shape us, and the voices that make our district thrive. Let's start the conversation together.

S1:E14 Get ready, parents! We're excited to release a must-listen episode of TCISD Talks featuring Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Anne Anderson and Director of Assessment and Accountability Sherri Simmons. Tune in ahead of state testing starting to get invaluable tips and insights to help prepare your students for success. Whether you're curious about test structure, resources for preparation, or ways to support your child on test day, this episode has you covered! 

S1: E13 Get ready for an exciting episode of TCISD Talks as we dive into Robotics in TCISD: Building the Future with Technology! Join Chief Technology Officer Gina Covington and Technology Implementation Coordinator Alicia Jordal as they discuss the innovative world of robotics education in TCISD. Plus, find out all about the upcoming Summer Robotics Camp and how to sign up! Don't miss this chance to explore the future of technology in education. 

S1: E12 Get ready for an exciting episode of TCISD Talks as we dive into the world of Future Farmers of America (FFA)! Join us as we chat with FFA advisor Nikki Ashcraft and Texas City High School students Casen and Cole Perez about the incredible opportunities available to students through FFA. From hands-on learning experiences to leadership development, this episode is packed with insights straight from the heart of FFA. Plus, we'll be discussing exciting future plans, including the construction of a new barn and the establishment of an FFA chapter and program at La Marque High School! 

S1:E11 Join TCISD counselors Lindsay Owens and Yesenia Contreras as they guide us through the process of selecting courses for the upcoming school year. Whether you're a high schooler middle schooler or parent, this episode is packed with insights to help you chart your academic journey. Let's set ourselves up for success together!

S1: E10 Unlock the door to linguistic exploration with TCISD Talks! In this episode, our Director of Special Programs, Tony Furman, and Bilingual Instructional Specialist, Brenda Gonzalez, pull back the curtain on TCISD's Two-Way Dual Language program. From the nuts and bolts of the initiative to the rich benefits it brings, join us for a no-nonsense discussion on this transformative language journey. 

S1: E9 In this episode, we're exploring the Early College High School program at La Marque High School and Texas City High School. Joining us are the ECHS Assistant Principal Jodi Douglas and ECHS student Jordyn Oliphant from La Marque High School. Ms. Douglas breaks down the game-changing benefits of the Early College program and Jordyn shares firsthand experiences of the transformative journey. Ready to explore the future of education? Let's unlock the potential within our students and redefine what's possible! 

S1: E8 In this episode, we're honored to have TCISD Social and Emotional Counselor, Neil Treble, sharing insights on building essential social and emotional skills for students. As the holiday season approaches, Neil guides us through the importance of fostering emotional resilience.  Let's prioritize the well-being of our students together! 

S1: E7 Get ready, Stings Nation, because we're bringing you a sizzling episode just in time for the playoffs! We're diving into all things playoff football as we gear up for Friday's bi-district playoff game against Huntsville. And guess who's joining us? None other than the Texas City Stings Head Football Coach Shone Evans and dynamic inside linebacker Diego Battles!

S1: E6 In this episode, we explore the incredible power of partnership between parents and educators. Joining us on this insightful journey are Heights Elementary teacher Jamie Thrash and Giles Middle School teacher Maxine Guidry, two incredible voices in TCISD. They share stories, tips and strategies to strengthen the essential bond between parents and teachers.

S1: EP 5 In this episode, we're diving into an exciting episode of TCISD Talks, and guess what's on the agenda? Yep, you got it – the college application adventure! This journey is a rollercoaster ride of excitement, a pinch of stress, and a whole lot of dreams and we're here to be your trusty sidekicks. Joining us to share their experience are La Marque High School teacher Tiffany Hill and College and Career Counselor William Collins.

S1: E4 Get ready for a crucial episode of TCISD Talks! In our next installment, TCISD counselors Kamela Heuman and Paige Johnson dive into the vital topics of suicide prevention and how to talk to kids about hope.

S1: E3 Join Texas City ISD Deputy Superintendent of Student Support Services Dr. Terri Burchfield and Texas City High School Principal Lincoln Hypolite, as they delve into the crucial topic of school attendance, its impact on student success and how our TCISD staff and community are supporting efforts to encourage every student to attend. 

S1: E2 In this episode, we're delving into a topic that's really relevant for this time of year - making a smooth transition into the new school year. Join TCISD curriculum coordinators Jennifer Haralson and Sarah Evans as they share invaluable insights on helping students and parents navigate a successful start to the school year.

S1: E1 In this episode, we sit down with Superintendent Dr. Melissa Duarte to discuss the vision and goals for the upcoming year. We'll explore the enhancements and innovations that students, parents and teachers can look forward to. Plus, get the latest updates on the school bond progress and learn about the exciting changes it will bring to our campuses.  From new programs to upgraded facilities, there's plenty to be excited about!