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Summer Reading 2019

TCISD believes that literacy is essential for student success.Our mission is for students to find pleasure in reading.There is not a better time than the summer for a student to engage in reading.Studies show that students can regress up to three months if they do not continue to read or engage in literacy activities during the summer.These findings highlight the need to support students in building their literacy by reading for pleasure in the summer.TCISD would like to partner with parents and provide suggested titles and ideas to assist in facilitating summer reading opportunities for their student.This partnership will not only help prevent educational loss during the summer but help prepare students for success in the next grade level.

What should students read?

Students should choose books they find pleasure in reading. This allows the reader to connect with the literature and develop a deeper purpose and meaning. Readers should read books that mirror their personal lives, books that give glimpses into new and unfamiliar experiences and ideas, and books that open doors to new worlds and opportunities. Students should also try different books that challenge themselves. They may want to try new genres or a different author.

Here are our recommendations: