To our Fellow Stings,

Whether you just graduated from Texas City High School or maybe it has been a while, no doubt you have some great memories of your time there. Of course, there were the friends we made, the activities in which we participated and the subjects we took, but surely the teachers made the difference. We can certainly think of several of your “favorites” when we look back. They gave us encouragement to put forth extra effort, provided a listening ear when we needed to talk or maybe inspired us by their enthusiasm for the subjects they taught. Just as you can recall those who touched your life in a very special way, there are others who are doing the same for today’s students and will for those of tomorrow.

The Texas City Independent School District Foundation for the Future gives special recognition and support to deserving teachers and students for a variety of reasons. However, its primary mission is to provide additional resources for the teachers of today through grants awarded for their own innovative initiatives. These include science projects, math labs, music programs, field trips for historical and cultural purposes as well as enhanced educational opportunities for particular groups of students. These approaches have made and can continue to make a very positive difference in a student’s learning experience when special resources are otherwise unavailable.

Students of today will be the educators, doctors, lawyers, welders, managers, employees and leaders of tomorrow. They must be prepared to make their own way in the constantly changing world they will encounter upon graduation. Their time at TCISD will allow them to better accomplish that. You can help to enhance their experience through your support of the TCISD Alumni Association.

Some of you have moved out of the area while others have called Texas City “home” since graduation. Regardless of where you are now, we all share the Sting Bond, and we are asking you to remember the hometown and the school district that made a difference for you. You can return the favor through your support of the Foundation and becoming an Alumni Association member. A membership application is enclosed and we ask that you give it consideration. You can rest assured that funds from your membership will directly benefit teachers and students of the Texas City Independent School District.

By honoring your alma mater, you can join us in helping our teachers’ innovative and creative learning ideas come to life. Your donation will make a difference.

The children of today will soon be our future leaders and with your help, we can help provide them with unique learning experiences that will spark their imagination and desire to be great!

Thank you for your consideration and Go Stings!

April V. Marburger ’93
Alumni Association Chairman

Membership Levels

To make a contribution of an amount other than the above membership levels, click here and include "TC Alumni Association" in the special instructions. Questions about donations can be directed to Christina Hall-Payne at (409) 916-0108 or

Alumni Association awards grant during Prize Posse

The Texas City Alumni Association helped to co-fund a 2017 Projects in Education teacher grant during the TCISD Foundation for the Future's recent Prize Posse.

The grant was presented to Roosevelt-Wilson Elementary teachers Carrie Pruitt (TCHS '84) and Joycelyn LaFleur, center, to fund their project Closing Gaps with Technology. The project will assist first grade students with their reading, math, science, social studies and writing skills.

Also pictured, from left, are Texas City alumni Melba Anderson '77, Freda Davis '96, Kristian Dietel '97, April Marburger '93 and Amanda Johnson '01.

Alumni Association Committee

Committee Chairperson

  • April Marburger '93

Committee Members

  • Melba Anderson '77
  • Freda Goffney Davis '96
  • Kristen Guzman '02

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