Community Award Recipients

Visionary in Education Award

The Visionary in Education Award recognizes an individual who has supported a unique program in Texas City ISD that enhances and furthers the education of students in the district.

2017 - Neal Mora
2016 - Mayor Matthew T. Doyle
2015 - David Laine
2014 - Randy Dietel
2013 - Chuck Doyle
2012 - Dan Dixon

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award honors a current Texas City ISD staff employee for special service given to students.

2017 - Marion Godeaux
2016 - Susan Myers
2015 - Richard Carter
2014 - Robert Renfroe

Spirit of Education Award

The Spirit of Education Award recognizes a TC/LM community member who has dedicated time, talent or treasure to educating students in Texas City ISD.

2017 - Pastor Robin Reeves
2016 - Rich Hernandez
2015 - Barbara White
2014 - Jose Boix

Foundation President's Award

Each year the Texas City ISD Foundation for the Future President selects a Foundation Board Director to recognize for their extraordinary efforts given to the work of the Foundation.

2017 - Stephanie Doyle
2016 - Connie Bradley
2015 - Mark Ciavaglia
2014 - Jami Clark
2013 - Melissa Tortorici
2012 - Jose Boix