February 2017: Kitty Simpson, Mike Simpson Project Lead the Way

"I am pleased that our students of TCISD have this opportunity. Mike really felt strong about having a Math and Science Academy and that it would benefit our district. He also felt it would encourage parents to continue living in Texas City if we had such programs. I am sure he is smiling. Thanks again."

October 2016: Donna Mittendorf, Painting with a Twist-La Marque and HOT sponsor

"We love supporting education!!! It is EVERYONE's future!!"

June 2016: Sheri Husband, COTA, Texas City High School

"Thank you to all of the HOT sponsors for all that you have contributed to a wonderful foundation. With the grants that have been graciously contributed to, the teachers have been able to have creative resources to help their students learn. Our school system has a lot of economically disadvantaged students that have limited resources and support at home to encourage and support learning. Through the grants our dynamic teachers are able to keep and expand the interest of what their students are needing to grasp. Making learning fun and creative helps to expand their knowledge base which will allow a more promising and productive future for our students. Thank you again for your continual support."

November 2015: Liz Trader, Texas City High School Choir

"Thank you for the opportunity! We appreciate your support! Thanks so much for helping to get the donors for the dinner and opera night! We had a great time!"

May 2015: Karina Vy, TCHS Scholarship Recipient

"Thank you for your generous $500 Business and Professional Women's Scholarship. I was very happy and appreciated to learn that I was elected as the recipient. By awarding me with this scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope that one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me."

May 2015: Jane Blundell, Levi Fry Intermediate

"I just want to express my thanks to you and the Foundation for the Tanger Outlet gift card. I appreciate your acknowledgement of the time teachers spend working with students outside the normal class day. It is my pleasure to spend extra hours fostering a love of reading and great literature in our Fry students! It would be difficult to offer these opportunities to our kids without the support of you and your generous members who donate so unselfishly."

October 2014: Linda Holm, 9th Annual Hall of Honor Recipient

"Congratulations on another successful Hall of Honor. It was a wonderful evening, especially for me, my family, and friends (including the Class of 1964). Thank you for all you do to make this event so special for the honorees. I can never adequately express how much it means to me. I appreciate you very much."

June 2014: Rose Castro, Roosevelt-Wilson Elementary

"What a wonderful surprise this morning! My heart is still throbbing with excitement. It's times like this that I feel so blessed to be here in Texas City. My kids get so excited about reading. Their reading levels improve so much throughout the year. They not only go from Spanish to English reading, but they also reach their reading levels in English, in order to be successful in third grade. OUR GOAL IS TO READ, READ, READ! And it's people like you and the Foundation who help make dreams come true for our children. Thank you so much again."

June 2014: Angela Daniels, Northside Elementary

"It was really great to donate to a great cause and wear jeans every first Wednesday."

May 2014: Charlene Cronk, Calvin Vincent Head Start

"I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate the cash award you so generously gave me. Thank you so much for your commitment and support to teachers and students. I feel very blessed to be associated with people who value education. Thank you again for everything you do."

March 2014: Katie Osborne, Roosevelt-Wilson Elementary

"It's like Christmas in the second grade hallway today! Grant materials came in! I'm so thankful for The Foundation for the Future and our sponsors for funding this grant!"

May 2013: Stephanie Hilden, Texas City High School

"We greatly appreciate your support of our grants, Reading into the 21st Century I and II. Our students are so excited to use the Nooks in their classroom reading assignments because it also gives them the ability to research topics related to their reading. The Nook technology gives students an exciting new avenue for learning. Thanks."

January 2013: Liz Latta Smith, Thompson & Horton LLP

"This is wonderful! It is so nice to see first-hand what great things the Education Foundation is doing, and I’m happy to forward this [picture] to our group. We are honored to help TCISD!"

May 2013: Lisa Clark, Levi Fry Intermediate

"Thank you for the wonderful breakfast the Foundation provided for us this morning here at Fry. It is always nice to know we are appreciated in what we love to do with our lives - teach the future!"

September 2012: Rose Castro, Roosevelt-Wilson Elementary

"You guys and ladies are all amazing. Thank God for wonderful people like you all that make this world go around. Please visit our classroom so you can see where it (grants) all goes. Our kiddos are sooooo happy."

June 2012: Cindy Sukiennik, Kohfeldt Elementary

"I would like to take this time to let you know how much Kohfeldt school appreciates your generous contribution. The needs are greater every year. Therefore, your contribution allows me to buy items not only for specific children who have desperate needs, but also I am able to buy items such as shoes, clothing, backpacks, toiletries, etc. I keep the items in the clinic to help various students throughout the year. The children are so grateful when they receive many things that we sometimes take for granted. Once again thank you for your generosity."

May 2012: Nathan Jackson, Heights Elementary

"Please express our sincere thanks to the Foundation for a delicious breakfast this morning. We truly feel appreciated! Thanks for all you do!"

May 2012: Mindi Garcia, Levi Fry

"Thank you for the $2500 check I received for Elementary Teacher of the Year. I cannot wait to use the money to begin pursuing my master's degree in 2013. This check has made my dream of a master's degree become more of a reality than ever before."

January 2012: Michelle Sabourin, Kohfeldt Elementary

"Thank you so much for your support of my grants, 'Using Hands-On Creativity to Inspire Learning' and 'Bouncy Balls Brighten Brains.' Both of my projects will allow my students to gain new experiences that will help them along their educational journeys. Thank you so much for your support of my students and me!"

December 16, 2011: Wendy Detenbeck, Heights Elementary

"Wow! I am OVERWHELMED with happiness and so grateful to have been chosen as a Foundation Grant recipient! Thank you for your generosity and ALL that you do for the children of TCISD!"

August 18, 2011: Tiffany James, Northside Elementary

"Thank you so much for the gift card!! It will help as I purchase items to get my office up and running! What a pleasant surprise! I appreciate you!"

June 3, 2011: Melissa Peck, Heights Elementary

"I cannot begin to express the impact that this yearly donation has on the children of Heights Elementary. Thanks to Helping Hands we are able to keep our children clean, healthy, and properly clothed. Undergarments and socks are truly a luxury to some of these children. Helping Hands is such an important tool in the success of our under privileged population. They depend on us for the basic needs and we are able to provide for them. This in turn makes them feel safe and secure so they are able to learn and become successful. Thank you for your continued support in the growth and development of these children in our community. It truly does take a village."

May 4, 2011: Brittany Johnson, Levi Fry Intermediate

"I just wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU for the breakfast you all served us this morning at Levi Fry. As a first year teacher I feel honored to work in a district that is shown so much appreciation and support."