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Health Services

Our schools are staffed with full-time nursing professionals, dedicated to provide every student with individualized health care. Our team provides the very best education as well as care in the following:

  • CPR, First Aide, AED, Seizure, Diabetic H.B. 984, Food Allergic S.B. 27 Anaphylaxis Training
  • Emergency health services (emergency response team)
  • Mandated screenings
  • Health assessments for students and staff
  • Health education programs for staff and students
  • Health resources for parents and staff
  • Development of Individual Health Care Plan (IHP)
  • SHAC (School Health Advisory Committee)
  • Care for the wide variety of medically fragile students

Our team cooperates with staff, students, and parents to encourage optimal health so that there is maximum utilization of educational opportunities.

For information on health services during the pandemic, visit our website dedicated to COVID-19 protocols.

Immunization Requirements

Subject to the exceptions in §38.001(c), a student is required to be fully immunized against certain diseases. However, under §38.001 a student may be provisionally admitted if the student has begun the required immunizations and continues to receive the necessary immunizations as rapidly as medically feasible. Except as provided by §38.001(c), a student who is not fully immunized and has not begun the required immunizations may not attend school.

Please visit the Texas Department of State Health Services website for additional information

Please visit the TDSHS website for Information on Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements for Students Grades K-12

Medical Forms

These forms must be filled out and submitted each school year.

SHAC Agendas

The School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) shall meet at least four times each school year.