This site is provided to assist our staff with information about Texas City Independent School District sponsored employee benefit procedures and coverage. We hope this site is helpful, and your use and recommendations are encouraged.

If you have questions regarding benefits, contact Carrie Jones at 409-916-0133.

Employee Assistance

Confidential Assistance

The Employee Assistance Program is a total life assistance tool. It is designed to help you and your family members successfully manage life's challenges. To speak with a care coordinator please call 1-800-324-4327 or visit their website.

Retirement Savings Plans

403(b) Savings Plan

A 403(b) plan is a way for employees of school districts and certain other tax-exempt organizations to save funds for retirement and other long-term financial needs. The payroll deductions can be contributed to the plan on a tax-deferred basis. This reduces current income tax and allows the money in the plan to grow untaxed until money is distributed to the participant. Please contact TCG Administrators at 1-800-943-9179 or visit the RAMS website at To review a list of Certified 403(b) Companies please click HERE.

2019 TCG Plan Annual Notice

457 Savings Plan

A 457 is a retirement savings plan that allows employees to make contributions on a pretax basis, thus income taxes are deferred until your assets are withdrawn. Most plans allow you to start, stop, increase or decrease contributions at any time. The contribution limits are separate from those of 401(k) and 403(b) plans allowing additional employee savings. There is also no 10% early withdrawal tax applicable to distributions from a 457(b) plan. Please contact TCG Administrators at 1-800-943-9179 for more information.

457 Personal Information Change Request form

Workers Compensation

What to do

Workers Compensation Insurance is provided through the Texas City ISD/The Littleton Group. Employees must notify their supervisor immediately if an injury occurs.