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The Texas City Independent School District recognizes the importance of the role of the substitutes in the total educational program. As a substitute, the function is to assist in minimizing the interruption in the students learning activities occasioned by the absence of the regular teacher. Inspire, encourage and help make the dream work for TCISD's students. We are seeking qualified candidates to serve as substitutes for this school year.



  • A minimum of thirty (30) semester hours of college (and original college transcripts).
  • Provide verification of teacher certification if certified out of state. The Human Resource office has access to the Texas Education Agency for Texas Teacher Certificate information for status of Texas certification and verification.
  • Provide verification of teacher certification if certified out of state.
  • High School Diploma or GED required for substitute aides

Other Requirements:

  • Completion of online Substitute Training with Frontline Education Professional Growth (You must be set up for log-in by the Human Resources Specialist for Substitutes) OR Completion of TCISD substitute orientation held in August.
  • Completion of Safe Schools online training.
  • Clearance of Criminal History check
  • Clearance of fingerprinting
  • Identification Badge (obtained through the Human Resources office)
  • Possess a touch-tone telephone as required by the sub-calling automated system known as Frontline (formerly called AESOP).
  • A valid personal email address. Email address is required to receive online training and to view substitute assignments online through Frontline. As well as to receive other important information by substitute coordinator.

The following three links contain valuable information on how to become a substitute teacher, district policy, and other useful information once you become a substitute.

TCISD Substitute Handbook

Substitute Compensation Schedule

Employment After Retirement Brochure

Retirees are responsible with checking and verifying with TRS their employment restrictions after retirement, therefore, TCISD is not responsible for any loss of annuity payments or surcharges owed by the substitute retiree. If in doubt about accepting a long-term assignment or any assignment in general, please call TRS at: 1-800-223-8778 Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–6 p.m. Automated information available day or night, seven days a week ​​

The information and examples in this brochure will help you make decisions to avoid revoking your retirement or becoming ineligible for annuity payments. 

Important Key points to read:
  • Service retirees who retired before Jan. 1, 2011 may work an unlimited amount of time for a TRS-covered employer without forfeiting an annuity. 
  • Service retirees who retired on or after Jan. 1, 2011 may work an unlimited amount of time for a TRS-covered employer, without forfeiting an annuity, once they have completed a 12 full, consecutive-calendar-month break in service
  • Retirees with an effective retirement date of January 2011 or later, may return to work with restrictions after observing the required one full, calendar-month break in service. Monthly Limits apply to all service retirees with a retirement date of January 2011 or later who have not observed a 12 full, consecutive-calendar-month break in service following their effective retirement date.
  • Disability retirees have different limitations than service retirees; please refer to the section for disability retirement.

You may serve in a vacant position, but the position must not be vacant because you retired from it. You may work up to 20 days in that position without forfeiting your annuity. If you continue to work in that vacant position on the 21st day, you will no longer be considered a substitute and may be at risk of exceeding the EAR limits.

Working any part of a day, as a substitute, counts as working a full day.

After completing the online application, Human Resources Specialist for Substitutes, Lucy Diaz will contact you with information to start your hiring process. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lucy Diaz at: (409) 916-0124 or Ext. 1124 or