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Safety & Security

TCISD Safety

It is the goal of TCISD to provide a safe environment in which all students can reach their highest potential. However, there are situations that occur in all areas of life which infect the environment and cause students to be distracted. These things can happen in the school, home and social situations.

At TCISD we are concerned with all areas of our students’ education and social/ emotional well-being. That is why we have provided some informational links that we feel would help students, parents and teachers to make safe choices.

Standard Response Protocols in Action

Standard Response Protocols

A uniform, planned, and practiced response to any incident is the foundation of a safe school. The SRP is action-based, flexible, and easy to learn. It rationally organizes tactics for response to weather events, fires, accidents, intruders and other threats to student safety. 

The SRP’s development is ever evolving, created with extensive collaboration between experts such as first responders, school districts, and families. Its tactics are data-driven, researched and based on experience and best practices.

The SRP premise is simple. Five specific actions are communicated and performed during an incident. Each action is labeled with a “Term of Art” and is followed by a “Directive.” Execution of the action is performed by all active participants, including students, staff, teachers and first responders. This aligns everyone for a swift and coordinated response.

Download a copy of the SRP in English and Spanish

Campus P3 

One of the most effective safety and security tools we use in Texas City ISD is the P3 Campus app. It's an anonymous tip reporting application. We encourage all students, parents and community members to download it for free and use it when they know someone needs help.

What could you anonymously report on: abusive relationship, planned school attack, depression, domestic violence, sexual assault, drugs/alcohol abuse, suicide threat, theft, eating disorder, homelessness, child abuse, weapons, anger issues, missing student, bullying and anything else that could harm someone.

Visit the P3 Campus website today.

Safety Measures

School safety is more prevalent than ever and Texas City ISD is leading the way. Voters generously approved a school bond election that featured $6.5 million for enhanced school safety.

Check out the completed Bond 2018 Safety & Security features here.


crisis communication

Communication is a major part of our Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). 

In a true emergency, events happen fast and situations can vary from campus to campus. We will do our best to keep you informed in a timely manner, especially as it pertains to early or delayed dismissal times, transportation issues and any other changes to your child’s instructional day.

Visit the Crisis Communication Page for more details on communication when there is an emergency.

Safety Communication 2020-21

Bullying & Antivictimization

Dating Violence

Internet Safety & Cyberbullying