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School Resource Officers

Texas City ISD partners with the Galveston County Sheriff's Department to provide School Resource Officers (SROs) who are assigned to all of our schools. 

School Resource Officers are employees of the sheriff's department, with salaries, vehicles and equipment being a cost to the district. SROs are armed at all times and are highly trained to respond in the event of an emergency. They are also equipped with medical supplies and specialized tools to assist in a crisis situation.  

Duties and Responsibilities

School Resource Officers work closely with the District emergency management and safety team to provide a law enforcement presence and visibility in schools. Students also get the opportunity to interact with deputies and build positive relationships. Here's a closer look at the unique role SROs fulfill on TCISD campuses:

  • Take enforcement action on criminal offenses when appropriate.

  • Provide information concerning questions about law enforcement topics to students and staff.

  • Coordinate investigative procedures between police and school administration.

  • Counsel with parents and staff as necessary.

  • Handle initial police reports of crimes committed on campus.

  • Wear sheriff's uniform at all times, or other apparel as approved by both the sheriff's department and school district.

  • Provide a presence during events and functions, as appropriate, when requested by the principal and as approved by an SRO Sergeant or Police Administration.

  • Keep school administration/office staff informed when off-campus.

  • When practical, attend all school special events.      

  • When possible and practical, divert juveniles out of the criminal justice system into other social agencies.

  • Provide instructional services in the area of narcotics, safety, occupational training and leadership and life skills.

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