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Student Data Services

The Student Data Office is responsible for the administration of all aspects of student data in compliance with state and federal mandates. Registration, student and family demographics, scheduling, daily and period attendance, grading and transcripts, immunization and other health information, discipline, special academic programs and standardized test results are all part of the student data accounting arena.

This department develops, implements and maintains the district-wide student management systems used to input data gathered by campus and central office, while enforcing role-based security access to student information.

Ongoing specialized training, support and documentation are provided to all appropriate district personnel to assist them in defining and serving the needs of their students.

Integration and analysis of data through the department's custom reports and data exports to complementary systems facilitate well-informed administrative decisions and projections at both campus and district levels.

This department is responsible for several submissions that are due throughout the calendar year to the Texas Education Agency. Under this leadership, student data is extracted according to current state standards; the student data department collaborates with campus and central office personnel to verify all information.

Student Data Department Staff

Netobia Taylor

Director of Student Data

Tiffany Carranza

Student Data Coordinator

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