Attendance Campaign 2017-18

Why good attendance is important

School and future work success

Good attendance matters for school success, starting as early prekindergarten and throughout elementary school. By middle and high school, poor attendance is a leading indicator of dropout. Developing the habit of attendance prepares students for success on the job and in life.

Poor attendance causes children to suffer academically

  • Children suffer academically if they miss 10 percent of school days or about 18 days. That can be just one day every two weeks, and that can happen before you know it.
  • Attendance matters as early as kindergarten. Studies show many children who miss too many days in kindergarten and first grade can struggle academically in later years. They often have trouble mastering reading by the end of third grade.

Sporadic absences add up also

  • Some absences are unavoidable. We understand that you will get sick and need to stay home occasionally. The important thing is to be at school as often as possible.
  • Sporadic absences, not just those on consecutive days of school matter. Before you know it- just one or two days a month can add up.

School gets harder the more you miss

  • School is your first and most important job. You’re learning about more than math and reading. You’re learning how to show up for school on time every day, so that when you graduate and get a job, you’ll know how to show up for work on time every day.
  • Students who attend school regularly are more likely to graduate and find good jobs. In fact, a high school graduate makes, on average, a million dollars more than a dropout over a lifetime.
  • School only gets harder when you stay home too much. Sometimes it’s tempting to stay home because you’ve got too much work or you don’t understand what’s going on in class. But missing a day only makes that worse.
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Trunk or Treat Door Prize Winners

Gift cards are compliments of the TCISD Foundation for the Future in support of the Be Here! EVERY DAY COUNTS! attendance campaign. The Foundation is also offering a free duck in the 2018 Duck Derby race to all students who qualify in the attendance campaign. More details coming soon.

$100 Lowe’s gift card – Ron Bailey

$100 Tanger gift card – Crystal Lopez

$100 HEB gift card – Derek Carpenter