The La Marque High School COUGAR Band



D. Quintana: Director of Bands

Daniel Quintana is proud to be the Director of Bands at The La Marque High School. Daniel oversees all activity from 6th grade beginner band at La Marque Middle School through all grade levels at The La Marque High School. Prior to coming to La Marque, he served for three years as the Associate Director of Bands at Lyndon B. Johnson High School in Laredo, TX. While at Lyndon B. Johnson HS, Daniel instructed all woodwind activity and was the Director of the Mariachi Monumental during his last year there. He was also the sponsor for all Colorguard and Winterguard activities.

During his first two years at The La Marque High School, Daniel and his staff have provided each student with the right tools for success. Both LMHS and LMMS have had success in both Region and Solo and Ensemble contests. Daniel has had the opportunity to start up the La Marque Cougar Jazz Ensemble and is excited to take this group to contest for the first time in the 2018-2019 school year.

Daniel received his Bachelor of Music Education degree at Texas A&M University - Kingsville. While at A&M - Kingsville, Daniel studied flute with Dr. Naomi Seidman, current Professor of Flute at Penn State University. While at A&M - Kingsville, Daniel served as the Drum Major in The Pride of South Texas, Javelina Marching Band. In addition to performing with numerous ensembles at A&M - Kingsville, Daniel was a member of the Kingsville Symphony Orchestra. Daniel also studied conducting with Dr. Brian Shelton, current Director of Bands at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi.

Daniel is a two time TMEA Texas All-State Musician, and has performed multiple times at the TMEA Convention held in San Antonio, Texas. His affiliations include, Texas Music Educators Association, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.

T. Briones: Asst. Band Director - The La Marque High School

Tim pursued his Bachelors in Music Education at the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied with Thomas Burritt and Tony Edwards. While at UT, Tim performed in many ensembles, including Steel Band, Gin Daiko, Longhorn Band, and Percussion Ensemble. Under the direction of Jerry Junkin, Tim was a member of the Wind Ensemble during their European Tour of John Corigliano’s Circus Maximus in 2008.
After graduating in 2010, Tim entered into the Masters Program at the Eastman School of Music, where he studied with Michael Burritt, Chip Ross, and Bill Chan. During his time at Eastman, Tim taught lessons, coached percussion ensemble, and performed with the Eastman Percussion Ensemble at the Kennedy Center in 2011.
After graduating in 2012, Tim Briones moved to San Antonio, TX to become a freelance music performer and educator. So far, Tim’s private students performed in the All-Sate Ensembles at TMEA, received multiple Outstanding Soloist Awards at TSSEC, and have received second place in the PAS High School Marimba Competition. While in San Antonio, Tim was also the Percussion Assistant Director at William J. Brennan High School, where the Percussion Ensemble was selected to perform a showcase concert in Indianapolis at PASIC 2017.

A. Hedrick: Band Director - La Marque Middle School

Andy Hedrick is a native of Katy, TX and received his Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA. While attending McNeese, Mr. Hedrick studied trumpet with Dave Scott and performed with many ensembles including the McNeese Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Latin Jazz, Trumpet Ensemble, and Brass Quintet, as well as being a soloist for The Pride of McNeese Marching Band. Mr. Hedrick has also had the pleasure to march for The Madison Scouts in 2014.

Mr. Hedrick studied conducting under Dr. Jay Jacobs and Dr. Jeffrey Lemke while attending McNeese and also conducted University ensembles. Other teachers Mr. Hedrick has had the pleasure of learning from include Brad Green, Donnie VanDoren, Evan VanDoren, Eddie Falcon, Damon Archer, Nick Williams, Nicholas Monzi, and Blake Daughtrey. Mr. Hedrick was also given the opportunity to conduct the EBHS 7th grade band at the Louisiana Music Educators Association State Festival Assessment during his student teaching experience.

Mr. Hedrick is excited to continue the success at both La Marque HS and La Marque MS and will continue to lead all brass studies within the La Marque music programs. Mr. Hedrick is also affiliated with the Texas Music Educators Association and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.

L. Springer: Asst. Band Director - La Marque Middle School

Lynne Springer is a graduate of Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX. While at Sam Houston State, Lynne took part in the Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble and multiple chamber ensembles throughout her time there. Lynne studies clarinet under Richard Pickar, former principal of the Houston Symphony. She had the opportunity of studying music theory with Fisher Tull. Upon graduating with her Bachelors of Music Education, Lynne continued her education at Sam Houston State University and graduated with a Masters in Music Education.

Lynne then went on and started her career at La Marque ISD at La Marque Jr. High while assisting at La Marque High School. Lynne relocated to CyFair ISD where she taught beginner band through 8th grade. During her 10 years at CyFair she had the opportunity to take a band to the UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest and get superior ratings in the sight-reading room.

Lynne now returns back to La Marque Middle School to continue the growth and success of all programs in the La Marque music programs. Lynne also has the opportunity to work alongside the High School staff and assists the La Marque High School Cougar Marching Band.


It's another great weekend for the band programs at La Marque!!!

After producing some record breaking results last weekend with La Marque Middle School, this weekend showed more success at the high school level.

Kaila Sajna, 9th grade flute player at The La Marque High School placed in the top 20 at this weekends HS Region 13, Audition.

Kaila went up against over 60 flute players from all around the region and earned a chair in the Region Concert Band.

Out of all the 9th graders at the contest, Kaila was the 4th best flute player in her grade level. WAY TO GO KAILA!!!!

Kaila has set the bar extremely high at The La Marque High School and the entire band staff is extremely proud of her.

The excellence at La Marque is second to none, and our on-going moto this year continues to be #beachampion

Our band students sure are CHAMPIONS!!!

Kaila will perform with the All Region Band on Saturday, January 19th at 4:30PM. The concert will take place at Brazosport High School.

On Saturday, February 10, 2018, students of The La Marque High School performed at the Region 17 UIL Solo and Ensemble Evaluation at Clear Lake High School.

Solo and Ensemble is an evaluation process where each student prepares a solo that is selected for each of them to learn back in December. With two months to prepare, each student is faced with various challenges along the way, along with other requirements throughout the program. Students perform face to face to a judge alongside a pianist that is accompanying their solo. Students are then evaluated and given a rating from 1-5, 1 being the BEST.

The La Marque High School continued their excellence this past weekend.

Katricia Soliz, 9th grade trumpet player received a 1st (Superior) Division Rating by her judge.

Kaila Sajna, 9th grade flute player received a 1st (Superior) Division Rating by her judge.

Jose Espinoza, 9th grade alto saxophone player received a 1st (Superior) Division Rating by his judge.

Lonnie Griggs, 10th grade euphonium player received a 2nd (Excellent) Division Rating by his judge.

Matthew Lewis, 9th grade alto saxophone player received a 2nd (Excellent) Division Rating by his judge.

Stephane Vazquez, 9th grade flute player received a 2nd (Excellent) Division Rating by her judge.

Sara Moore, 9th grade tuba player received a 2nd (Excellent) Division Rating by her judge.

All Directors at LMHS are very proud of each and every student. The ratings received by each of these students greatly reflects the hard work that was put into preparing for this evaluation.

News and Information

Letter Jacket Requirements

Letter Jacket Calculation Worksheet
Student Name: _________________________________
Current Grade Level: __________
Yes No Points
All Region Band (3 points)
All Region Jazz Band (3 points)
All District Band (2 points)
Freshman All Region Band (1 point)
Area Audition (4 points)
All Region Orchestra (4 points)
All State Band, Orchestra, or Jazz Band (10 points)
Region Marching Contest (1 point)
Area Marching Contest (2 points)
State Marching Contest (4 points)
Concert and Sightreading Contest (1 point)
UIL Solo with First Division Rating
How many? __________
Class I (3 points)
Class II (3 points)
Class III (3 points)
UIL Solo with Second Division Rating
How many? __________
Class I (2 points)
Class II (2 points)
Class III (2 points)
UIL Ensemble with First Division Rating
Class I (3 points)
Class II (3 points)
Class III (3 points)
UIL Ensemble with Second Division Rating
Class I (2 points)
Class II (2 points)
Class III (2 points)
Jazz Band Member (3 points)
Jazz Band Festival (1 point)
Indoor Drumline (3 points)
Indoor Drumline State Contest
*Gold Medal (3 points)
*Silver Medal (2 points)
*Bronze Medal (1 point)
Winter Guard (3 points)
Winter Guard State
*Gold Medal (3 points)
*Silver Medal (2 points)
*Bronze Medal (1 point)
Student Signature: ________________________________________ Date: _______________
For Director Use Only: Initials
Letter: ApprovedorDenied?

LMHS Band Chaperone Handbook


1. Philosophy

A well-organized chaperone program can be extremely beneficial to the smooth operation of the band program.

The success of the band is dependent on the support and assistance of dedicated volunteers who believe in providing successful opportunities for the students in the program.

All volunteers are encouraged to participate for various activities during the school year.

It is the expressed philosophy of the band program that all qualified volunteers will be given a fair opportunity to serve as chaperones in so far as possible within the scope of the numbers of chaperones needed and their availability to serve when called upon.

2. Director of Chaperones

The Director of Chaperones is a selected parent/volunteer by the Director of Bands.

The Director of Chaperones shall be in general charge of chaperone assignments and activities during the course of any trip or event. She/he will also be responsible in obtaining qualified chaperones for each event. However, the Director of Bands shall retain final responsibility for the chaperone program.

3. Selected Criteria

Each volunteer must successfully submit all necessary paperwork and be cleared via criminal background check before working any event where band students are present. TCISD is responsible for running such criminal background checks and will notify the school once each volunteer is cleared.

The Director of Chaperones will determine the number of volunteers needed for each event with the assistance of the Band Directors.

In some cases, ALL CHAPERONES will be asked to attend an event

4. General Qualifications

All chaperones must submit and pass a criminal background check as per TCISD Policy.

All Chaperones must relate well to students and work harmoniously with other adults.

All chaperones must refrain from using improper language or engage in conversation not suitable in school or band events.

All chaperones must adhere to the TCISD Code of Conduct, which includes no smoking, consumption of alcohol, or use of illegal drugs while serving in the capacity of a chaperone or volunteer.

All chaperones must adhere to the dress code.

At some events chaperones may have to pay for their own admittance or meals.

5. Selection Process

a. A fair system of selection will be utilized to secure chaperones from those individuals who have requested to serve and who have met the qualifications set by TCISD. Please note that the Director of Chaperones in most cases must be present in band events as set by the Director of Bands.

b. All interested persons should call the Director of Chaperones to volunteer or request to volunteer a certain event.

c. In the event you are not contacted or feel overlooked, make your desire to serve specifically known to a band director or the Director of Chaperones. Make sure that you have been visible in the organization and that you remain visible.

d. If at any time the Director of Bands feels a chaperone is not cooperating with district staff, other volunteers and their efforts to help the band, that person may be removed from the rotation.

e. Some parents may volunteer for special jobs or tasks and may be trained to do a re-occurring essential task. Therefore, these volunteers will/can be asked to serve on a repeated basis as necessary. This is in keeping with the basic philosophy providing for a smooth and efficient operation of the band program. Every effort will be made to rotate as many of these jobs as possible.

6. General Responsibilities

a. Chaperones are expected to attend a briefing prior to any band event with the Director of Bands.

b. All chaperones are to be available to the band directors and band members at all times. Keep in mind that all trips and activities are originated for the STUDENTS. No personal agendas please.


d. The authority of the chaperones is limited to general supervision of students and the enforcement of appropriate behavior. Chaperones should balance their authority with common sense and courtesy. Chaperones are to reports any behavior problems to the band directors. Any physical discipline administered or use of profanity towards students will result in immediate dismissal as a chaperone.

e. Chaperones are to keep students safe. Therefore, chaperones must assist the band directors in keeping students together unless prior arrangements have been made with the band directors. This includes escorts to the restroom during games or events.

f. Please be flexible. Unusual situations should be run by the Director of Bands. Matters of serious concern or emergencies should be brought to the attention of the band directors.

g. An assigned chaperone will be instructed to carry the First Aid kit to all events.

h. In an event of an emergency, contact parents and/ or band director immediately.

i. Concerns that require a conference with the Director of Bands should be scheduled during school hours through the office staff. Conferences will not be tolerated during an event or performance venue.

j. No chaperone is responsible for handling money. Please refer any money situations to the Director of Band immediately.

7. Dress Code

All Chaperones must wear an approved band shirt for all events. In most cases the same shirt should be worn to help identify the chaperone. A chaperone badge should accompany the volunteer.

8. Parade/Festival Events

Chaperones are needed to walk with the band during parades to assist in safeguarding band members and in the distribution of water. In the event a band student takes ill, a chaperone understands they must remain with that student keeping constant communication with the members of the Executive Board and Band Directors. Safety is priority especially when students are escorted to the bathrooms.

Chaperones who have volunteered the most hours during band events held within the school year will be contracted first to chaperone any out of town/state trips. The Director of Bands will approve final chaperone lists.

9. Games/Performances

a. All chaperones should sign-in with the Director of Chaperones and meet prior to the event for a briefing and job assignments.

b. Chaperones must stay with the band at all times.

c. Always escort students to and from any place (example restroom breaks, souvenir shops, food booths, etc.)

d. Chaperones must be in their assigned area. Please do not invite anyone to sit with you.

e. The following are a list of duties that may be assigned to you for a football game/event:

1. Uniform adjustments

2. Flags and Props

3. Transporting equipment to and from the field

4. Passing out water, plumes, or raincoats

5. Escorting the band from the school to the stadium and back

6. Field equipment placement

7. Restroom escorts

8. Sound System

9. Drum Major Podiums

10. Clean up during half time and after the game

f. Chaperones are to secure their seat on the bus they will be traveling in and take proper role of students. All chaperones must be spread out on each bus.

g. All chaperones are to keep order on the bus. Any student not cooperating must be reported to the Director of Bands or notified through a communication device.

h. NO PDA (Public Display of Affection)

11. Before/After Games or Events

Only assigned chaperones will be allowed inside the music building before or after any event. This is for the safety of the band students. In addition, after any event only assigned chaperones are allowed inside the band hall. They are to put items away, clean-up and provide entrance door security for the band students. Absolutely no hanging out inside the uniform room unless you are the assigned chaperone for that activity. The goal is to get students home as soon as possible after every activity.

Closing Remarks

It is the desire of the band directors and Texas City Independent School District that a large number of parents be involved in the active support of The La Marque HS Cougar Band whether through chaperoning, participating in fundraisers, or just attending a performance. There is a direct link to the success of the students and the involvement of the parent/guardian. We welcome all parents/guardians to be as active as their time will allow. If for any reason anyone should have a comment (positive or negative) or a concert regarding any aspect of the chaperone program or other related matters, please call the band office and speak directly with one of the band directors.