Our School

Quick Look

Enrollment: 1,894
Grade: 9 - 12
School Colors: Orange & Black
Mascot: Stingarees
Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Class Hours: 8:35am - 4:10pm
Address: 1431 9th Avenue North

TEL: (409) 916-0800
FAX: (409) 944-1675

State Accountability

  • 2019 - Met Standard
  • 2018 - Met Standard
  • 2017 - Met Standard
  • 2016 - Met Standard
  • 2015 - Met Standard
  • 2014 - Met Standard
  • 2013 - Met Standard
  • 2011 - Academically Acceptable
  • 2010 - Academically Recognized


TCISD High School Handbook

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TCISD Student Code of Conduct

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TCHS Dress Code Policy

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Grading Guidelines

  • The student will have one opportunity to improve any cumulative test or project grade 69 or below.
  • This will be accomplished by completing a test or project covering the same objective/skill.
  • After the original test is returned to the student, the student will have “two school days” to request the reassessment. The student must return the original graded test to the teacher.
  • The due date for the assignment or the retake of the test will be determined by the teacher.
  • The higher grade of the two “tests/projects” will be recorded with a passing grade of 70 being the maximum number of points earned. (example: if a student receives a grade of 70 or above on the retake, a grade of 70 will be recorded)
  • Secondary Grading Guidelines