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School Board

Regular Meetings

When:The second Tuesday of each month. Traditionally, the Board does not meet on the second Tuesday in July. Special meetings in June and August take the place of a regular meeting in July.

Where:The Board Room of Texas City ISD's Simpson Education Support Center, 1700 Ninth Avenue North.

News media receives notices of meetings 72 hours in advance of the meetings.

Notices of meetings also are posted in the Simpson Education Support Center.

Other public meetings are held as necessary (special meetings, emergency meetings, study sessions, and work sessions) to conduct additional business and study in-depth programs and issues.

The Board has the privilege of meeting privately in executive session, in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Law, to discuss matters related to personnel, property acquisitions, student hearings, and to consult with legal counsel.

Meeting Agendas

Board meetings follow a standard agenda.

The president calls the meeting to order and announces whether a quorum is present.

The invocation, pledge to the flag, and approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.

The Board proceeds to items of business as outlined in the agenda.

Agenda items are primarily two types:

  • Information items – general reports from principals or other administrators which need to be discussed but cannot be voted on at that particular time
  • Action items – items that require formal attention of the Board.

An executive session may be called by the president or another member at any time during the meeting to discuss specific items allowed by law, but no vote may be taken during the executive session. At the conclusion of executive session, the Board reconvenes in public session, at which time voting may occur.


The Board of Trustees has complete and final control over local school matters, subject to limitations imposed by state and federal law, regulations established by the State Commissioner of Education, and by the will of the District's patrons as expressed in school district elections.

The Board is vested with the legal responsibility and the authority to make and enforce rules and regulations for the management of the school district. The policies established by the Board, acting as a body, are executed by the administration of the schools.

Trustees adopt a budget which is necessary to maintain and operate the schools, levy taxes to support the budget, and submit bond issues to the people of the district to finance construction projects.

The Board appoints the superintendent as its chief executive officer.

Public Involvement

Citizens, students, and staff are encouraged to attend meetings of the TCISD Board of Trustees. Through formal request procedures, questions may be directed to Board members and to the Superintendent of Schools about those items for which the Board has direct responsibility:

  • Policies
  • Goals
  • Priorities
  • Statutory obligations
  • General business matters

These questions will then be directed to the appropriate person for response.

Election Information

Annual Elections are traditionally held in May, in accordance with the Texas Elections Code.

Each citizen casts a ballot for one candidate representing his or her section of the district.

All citizens may vote for the at-large position.

Trustees are elected for 3-year terms on a rotating basis.

Board officers are elected by its membership to serve one-year terms.

Vacancies may be temporarily filled by appointment until the next regular election.

The Board's seven members serve without pay.

The seven trustees of the Texas City Independent School District are elected under and serve as single-member representatives of the district in which they reside.