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Territorial Maps for Trustee Positions

Single Member Redistricting 2016

The Texas City ISD Board of Trustees held a Public Hearing on the TCISD Proposed Redistricting Map and Transition Plan on Tuesday, October 25, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. in the Simpson Education Support Center.

Due to the annexation of La Marque ISD into Texas City ISD, it was necessary to redraw the map for single member districts for school board trustee positions. Based on interest raised during the hearing, the Board extended the public comment period through Friday, October 28th at 4:00 p.m. The Board did not receive any formal written public comments by October 28th, yet still asked its demographer to prepare an additional map for consideration by the subcommittee incorporating the verbal comments made during the public hearing.

The Board subcommittee met on Monday, October 31, 2016 to review the additional map. Because the plan did not meet the ten percent variance requirement between the most and least populous districts (the variance under the plan was 18.84%), the committee ultimately had to reject the plan.

Understanding a principal concern raised by the public at the hearing on October 25th to be to better balance the populations between single member districts 2 and 3 under the original proposed, the subcommittee considered various permutations on that plan involving single member districts 2 and 3, and presented a final proposal to the Board for consideration at its regular meeting on November 8, 2016. The Board approved this plan and it is now in place. The At Large position encompasses the entire TCISD. A member elected to that position can live in any of the 6 single member districts.

Comprehensive Map for all Single Member Districts